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Praise for Kerri Kannan

I have discovered that within each and every one of us lies a power so miraculous and great, that if people only knew that this power existed within themselves, they would never fear or worry about anything ever again. 

The video and written testimonials on this page represent a sampling of the feedback I have received from people who have personally experienced my work, known as “Consciousness Alignments.” They will give you an idea of the positive  effect my talk will have on your audience.

“Kerri is a talented, charismatic and entertaining speaker. She has the extraordinary ability to lead her audience through a powerful journey of transformation that will leave their lives forever improved. The profound influence her message has on her audience is remarkable.”

~Craig Todd – Nationally recognized leader and financial professional 

“There are so many techniques out there that people are selling that don’t work. But what Kerri teaches is truly the most powerful experience I have ever had!”

~Patricia Baker – VP of Big Picture Agency, Inc., Popular Talk Show Host and Author

“Listening to Kerri is like a shot of vitamin B-12. Prepare to be altered both immediately and in the days and weels that follow after she shares clear and profound truths.”

~Charles Tuomi – Architect

Hello Kerri!  First off I would like to express my gratitude for the consciousness alignment session back in June.
Within days of the session I received conformation for a solo art show in Portugal. Also an important artist from Austria who I knew from the Deviantart website decided to visit Portugal at that time.
My condo has a guest bedroom so I invited him to stay with me which he graciously accepted. I showed him around Portugal and he helped me with the art show. 
We established a good friendship and that connection in itself was more significant the show. Then in September I was invited to participate in a show at the Louvre in Paris France in April 2020.
Then in October I was invited to participate in another group show this time in Macedonia sometime in 2020. The future looks bright and exciting! I can’t thank you enough Kerri! You have my eternal gratitude!
~Paulo Cunha 
What you have created, along with your story is ground breaking! I belong to Centers for Spiritual Living and they are Science of Mind based – Ernest Holmes. The Prayer Treatment is the foundation of the manifestation practice. It is generally very powerful and effective. What you have created extends and laser focuses that power. 
~Michael G Kamau – Managing Partner at Dolittle & Seymour

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The Powerful Transformations Others Have Experienced

Meet Kerri Kannan

With over 20 years teaching, coaching, speaking and studying the nature of Consciousness, Kerri is well versed in the language of Self-Love and Realization. After studying the spiritual themes for many years, in 1998, she had her first major spiritual epiphany and realized that all challenges came from a lack of Self-Love. Over the years, her focus has remained on Self-Love however, her definition of the Self has radically transformed.

Kerri has a gift that allows her to ask Consciousness for change on behalf of others and people have told her that various areas of their lives have been miraculously healed as a result of listening to her work.  People have reported spontaneous physical healing, financial windfalls, healed relationships, finding love relationships and business successes beyond their expectations.

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